The Bonnie Brooks Radio Project

I got an amazing idea very early this morning as I was lying awake in my bed.

Those “I’m Bonnie Brooks, President of The Bay” radio commercials are bad. 

Very bad. 

I’m a voice artist. 

I have ideas and talents. 

I should do their commercials. 

I SHOULD do their commercials.

I’m going to send them a proposal for new commercials.

I should send them a sample commercial.


That was basically how the thought process went.  In case you are unfamiliar with the radio commercials I speak of, here is an example:

I feel like many can agree with the comments posted beneath that video.  Hence this project.

Bonnie Brooks is an extremely successful business woman and company President with an impressive resume, but perhaps her leap into the voice artist realm is one that she isn’t as well suited for.  I do admire her ambition and gumption in taking on the role, but there are reasons why companies hire professional voice artists.  We have knowledge and experience using a microphone and on delivering information effectively, we have vocal training, and we have experience to draw from.  I wouldn’t attempt to give a presentation to a Board of Directors because that’s not something I have any experience in.  I could learn, but it’s most effective if left to the trained professionals.

Things that Ms. Brooks lack as radio personality:

–          variation in vocal tone (emotion, emphasis, etc.);

–          a smile (it really comes through in the voice);

–          smooth tone (the heavy smoker debate continues);

–          relate-ability to the average consumer (do YOU want to be told what to buy from the President of a company?  I sure don’t.  That’s like getting sex advice from a parent.  Don’t tell me what to do!)

I am still brainstorming some ideas of what I can do for them that’ll catch their attention and seriously consider hiring me.  What I’ve got so far is that The Hudson’s Bay Company is the oldest department store in Canada, it’s a Canadian icon, it’s historic, they’re getting more and more into the big fashion brands, and they have something for everyone – men, women, young, old, rich….less rich.  So how does one portray a fashionable, fun, very Canadian company via the radio?  I don’t know, I’m asking YOU.  How?

I have sent an email to their inquiries address requesting the contact for the corporate marketing/advertising department.  Hopefully I get a response.

So that’s the project!  And I’m going to blog about the process and see how this goes!  The Bay is a big corporation, and I don’t have any idea how far I’ll actually get with this idea.  But it’s worth a try and it’ll be a fun project!  If you have any other suggestions or any connections to The Bay, post your comments below.